This gallery contains a small cross section of my work. More pieces will be added to all the gallery sections on a regular basis. Check back frequently.
These pieces were created outside of commercial influences and I consider them to be the clearest representation of my personal expression as an artist.
For nearly eight years I've worked as part of an incredible team to create the Oddworld universe. These pieces reflect my work across all four Oddworld video games.
Having come of age as an artist inspired by a broad range of fantasy illustrators, working in cover illustration has become a childhood dream come true.
The universe create for the game Magic: The Gathering is incredibly vast and diverse, and I'm privileged to be an ongoing artist for the Magic story.
Though I collected them quite a bit when I was younger, I didn't really do much art for the Comic Book industry in the early part of my career. It's been great to finally add comic book covers as a consistent portion of my work.
When TOKYOPOP translated and published the Korean manwha Priest by Min-Woo Hyung, they gave me the inspiring opportunity to create the covers for the American editions.
Miscellaneous collection of personal design work.
All artwork © 2010 Raymond Swanland unless otherwise stated.